This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world,  for a witness to all the nations (ethnos= people groups), and then the end will come.”

Matthew 24:14 NASB

A New Season Of Opportunity: Plus Year End Giving

Here at World Missions and Evangelism we are  Giving God Thanks for this year of 2019. We called it the Year of God’s Unmeasurable Favor and He has given that Favor and continues to do so. God is giving fruit and many souls have come into the Kingdom of God this Year....

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Exciting News and Upcoming Luncheon!

God is moving in an amazing way in the INSTAR project.  INSTAR is focused on launching, facilitating and multiplying Disciple Making and Church Planting Movements throughout Latin America.  Our Goal is to reach all Unreached People Groups and Unreached Regions with...

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2019: The Year of UnMeasurable Favor!

Each year as I pray and think about what God is doing in and through WME, I seek God for a theme for the upcoming year.  Sometime in November, I believe, in a time of reading the Word in the presence of the Lord, I began to get the impression that the theme had to do...

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Entering The Holiday Season With Thanksgiving!

November 07, 2018 Believe it or not, another year is coming to a close. WME has finished its 30th year of Missions Ministry and we are giving God praise for all His wonderful blessings! As we look back over these years we give glory to the One who has brought so many...

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North American Unreached People Groups

Written By: David Parish In the Previous blog article, I shared about the 352 Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere.  200 of these people groups are currently listed as Unengaged by the database at  That means that there is no current...

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Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere

According to, as I write this post in June of 2018, there are still 352 Indigenous Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere.  And 200 of them are still Unengaged! What do these terms mean? Unreached People Group (UPG):  A people group or...

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Team Building, Strategy, and Prayer

News Team Building, Strategy, and Prayer April 18, 2018 3 things that we are focusing on this year at World Missions and Evangelism, are Team Building, Strategy, and Prayer. WME started 30 years ago this year, and as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this Missions...

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