Damian Praniuk

Damian was born in Cordoba, Argentina and is the third generation of ministers in his family, the grandson of Church of God pioneers in Argentina.  As a child he grew up under the revival and ministry of Carlos Anacondia and experienced many signs and wonders that marked his life. The greatest accomplishments in his life are deciding to follow Jesus, marrying Shellie Praniuk and fathering his three kids, Isaiah, Seth and Celeste.

He is also a Church of God Bishop, the author of “Prepara el Tiempo y Momento”, a Worship and Evangelism album. He is the Director and Founder of Damian Praniuk Ministries, and an Associate Pastor at Christian Fellowship Ministries.  He presides over the chapel ministry of Christian Fellowship School, helping develop young worship teams and leaders. Damian also nurtures a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) in Argentina with World Missions and Evangelism and Damian Praniuk Ministries. Thousands of churches have been planted and are now multiple generations deep. Because of this, in 2021, Damian and his father Oscar Praniuk and family opened a Disciple Making Movement School in Cordoba, Argentina. The focus of this school is to train missionaries to reach the unengaged people groups of South America.

Damian is the Team Leader for the World Missions & Evangelism Southern South America INSTAR Team.

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