Richard & Aida Gunn

Missionaries to the Philippines

Rick and Aida both have a genuine desire to preach the gospel to the poor and heal the broken-hearted . In 2003, the Holy Spirit directed them to start missions in remote areas of the Philippines . They live and work among the people they serve and are connected with the tribal peoples of Luzon. Aida is a native of Central Luzon and shares the gospel with Rick in remote regions.

“THE SPIRIT of the LORD Has Anointed Us To Preach the Gospel to the Poor, To Heal The Broken Hearted, To Preach Deliverance To The Captives and Recovering of SIGHT to the blind to set at Liberty Those That Are Bruised,” Luke:4: 18-20

Our Mission

To proclaim Jesus, his precious gospel and HIS love to the peoples of the Philippine Islands and Southern Asia where thousands are lost and in need of CHRIST.

Our Passion

The Aeta, Zambal and ILocano people groups of Central and Northern Luzon who need Christ especially those living in poverty in remote villages or in inner city slum areas.

Our Focus

Our focus is to plant a new mission church in every village (barangay) with a special emphasis on reaching each Filipino family within a village or town with Christ’s love and providing help and hope for the least (the children of Luzon).


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