Latin America

Candace Brown-Espinoza

“We desire to aid the local and surrounding communities by the construction of three homes for children at risk, a daycare, offices for professional consultations, and a multi-purpose building where special activities will be organized for youth and their families with the objective of helping them spiritually, physically, and emotionally.”

Richard & Pat Crowder

“Pat and I see a great need for ministry to children on their level.  We teach Bible truths through the use of puppets, visual scriptures, stories and games.  These use not only a child’s eyes and ears but also their energy.   Experts agree that people (including children) remember 90% of what they see, hear and touch. (interact with)  We remember 5-10% of what we hear.  (no interaction)   Our desire is to plant God’s word in their hearts to grow with them as they mature.  We know the need in Latin America.  Our emphasis is on Honduras but we work in Mexico and Guatemala as well.”

Keith & Juanita Travis

Keith and Juanita work with the Honduras Church Planting Movement. Keith has served as assistant strategy coordinator throughout the process and has been powerfully used of God as we have seen 184 churches planted in the first 4 years.

Randy & Linda Travis

Randy & Linda serve as the strategy coordinators for the Latin America Church Planting Movement. The project began in 2008. As of November 2012 there were 184 churches and 82 other Bible studies as a result of this project.

Cesar & Cristina Rodrigues

Cesar, Cristina and their son Jonas Rodrigues are Brazilians, who decided to leave their professions to serve the Lord. He is a Nurse and Pharmacist and his wife is a Family Physician; they worked for more than 20 years for the Public Health System in Brazil.


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