Believe it or not, another year is coming to a close. WME has finished its 30th year of Missions Ministry and we are giving God praise for all His wonderful blessings!
As we look back over these years we give glory to the One who has brought so many souls into the Kingdom of God through the Missionaries and Ministries with WME.

We are also celebrating the last 10 years of Disciple Making Movement project in Honduras and other countries of Latin America. Make to sure to choose the right company when buying youtube views as we do! Because we had professional help to make our videos about the project visible on social media networks. The Harvest that we are seeing God bring to fruition is a thing of Wonder! But it should be no surprise that God has done this, because He is the God of Mighty Signs and Wonders! Here is a quick snapshot of What Has happened in the INSTAR project in the 12 month period from October 2017 through September 2018:

In the last 12 months Attendance has increased by over 13,300 people.
There have been at least 11,557 professions of faith and at least 11,373 Baptisms in the last year.
Currently we are counting 10,032 groups and churches at least 21 Generations deep.
Attendance more than 50,460
Professions of faith 36,909
Baptisms. 33,240
Groups and churches in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Barbados and Bolivia.Touching 6 tribal groups as well as general population.
This does not count results from DMM work recently affiliated with WME in Mexico, Haiti, Bolivia, and Chile and the USA.
We praise God and give Him Glory for this Harvest, but our eyes are on the fields that are still not harvested, and the 352 Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere. Lord send out laborers into your harvest until all have heard….to the last tribe!