About Us

World Missions & Evangelism was founded in 1988. It started with just one missionary and a dream.

W.M.E. was founded to be a ministry of helps for missionaries. From 1989 to 1994, W.M.E. served only 2 missionary families. It has since grown to serve missionaries in Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America, and Central America. The President of W.M.E. went on a mission trip in 1994 that changed everything.

God is using W.M.E. to reach people with the gospel around the world.

This is where we have come from. Partner with us, and let’s see how far we can go!

– David & Randy Travis (W.M.E.’s 1st missionary)

“We went from village to village preaching and encouraging and visiting the churches that our missionary was working with. The poverty and need of the people touched me, but so did the commitment of the pastors who were paying such a price to lead God’s people. It was on April 6 that I found a quiet place to seek God while the other team members were doing other things. In prayer a vision to help plant indigenous churches in Honduras and elsewhere was born. I knew, beyond a shadow of doubt that a church planting ministry was the strategy that W.M.E. should pursue if we were going to make a impact for God in the world. I came home determined to move our little missions agency in the direction of church planting.”

David Parish

President, W.M.E.


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