Written By: David Parish In the Previous blog article, I shared about the 352 Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere.  200 of these people groups are currently listed as Unengaged by the database at Peoplegroups.org.  That means that there is no current evangelical outreach to these 200 groups. But the stat that hit me the hardest was the state of the UUPG problem in the United States.  Currently there are 29 Native American Indigenous Unreached People Groups. And to my amazement 21 of these Peoples are UNENGAGED as of this writing. I shared this information at one of our key partner churches last Sunday.  I could tell from the response during the message, as well as conversations I have had since then, that many people were amazed to find out that there are so many UUPGs in our own home nation.  It turns out that you don’t even need a passport to reach a UUPG! As we have drilled down further in our research, we find that these tribes are living in: Texas Colorado Illinois California Alabama Kansas New York North Carolina Oregon Alaska South Dakota Washington Oklahoma North Dakota Arizona Louisiana Somehow seeing the state in which the group is located makes it even more real. If you are in the Western Kentucky Region and would like to be a part of a prayer/research/action mission team to reach out to the Native American Indigenous UUPGs in the United States, there will be a First Steps meeting at Christian Fellowship Church in Benton, KY on Monday night July 16 at 6 p.m. For more information you may email me at :  dparish9@cs.com or visit this site