Tonie Hoffman Thunder Bird

“It is possible to represent Christ Jesus rightly and do our part to heal the harm that has been done in His Name to all Indigenous Peoples.”

Repairers Of The Breach Team

Christian and Tonie have created an outreach that focuses on the following:


  • work with the indigenous youth and crow wing county women inmate community
  • send out Letters to all Indigenous Tribes to encourage forgiveness
  • attend the largest pow wow in the midwest by reaching out to hundreds of tribal leaders at the GON [gathering of nations] in new mexico every year
  • intentional effort to represent Christ Jesus rightly by giving FNV [first nations version] Bibles, in which makes a bridge to heal harm that has been done in His Name and brings Truth
  • research and collectively pray for all Peoples within Indigenous Tribes Globally

Gitchi Manitou [Great Spirit]


“Growing up in a community that was non-native and my Heritage being hidden from me and never spoken of, was confusing and empty.  I was frequently asked as a Child in school if I was “Hawaiin”.  I did not know.  There were no answers from my Mother’s side of the family.  And all I knew is that my Father was in Prison.  As I got older and turned 20, I met my Father for the first time.  He told me we are Indigenous and Creole.  
I already knew that I was of Jewish descent somewhere along the line, from my Mother’s side of the family.  In researching for numerous years after meeting my Father, I found out some things: one of my Grandma’s [whom I did not have the chance to meet before she died] is from a Tribe in South Dakota.  One of my Great Grandma’s is from a Tribe in Minnesota. These findings were challenging to accept alone, as I had no support, and to this day only one person on either side of my extended family will acknowledge and discuss our Heritage openly.  I call this a Silent Siege. 
The significance of Identity is in all of us, naturally.  Whether we acknowledge or accept who we are or where we “feel we belong”.  Belonging or not belonging has a great deal to do with our character that we display.  The influences that we allow in our lives, the choices that we have made and make now.  
Backup and fast forward at the same time:  I experienced continual loss as a Child into a significant part of my Adulthood.  I dealt with things that damage personhood and would not honor my Mother if I would mention them, as I was in her care.  I will choose to say that I was an Adult at age 6.  Keeping my Mother and I safe from harm, cooking, cleaning, laundry and waking myself up for school.
I chose to start smoking Cigarettes, drinking Alcohol and using Marijuana at age 12.  I was abandoned by my Mother at age 17, and was driven to South Dakota to stay with a Godmother.  By the age of 18 I was back in Minnesota using Methamphetamines, Cocaine and Crack so that I could stay numbed out. I lived on the street for 2 years.  I did unimaginable things to survive.  I do not remember months at a time of those 2 years.  I now know that it is God the Father that has always protected me.  Then, I had no purpose, no home, nowhere to belong, no one to belong to and no connection.
At age 22 I went through my first Inpatient Treatment.  Since then, I have completed Inpatient Treatment 3 times.  God got a hold of my heart in 2010.  I completed 12 months of Treatment in 2011 at Teen Challenge.  I wanted to leave every day.  Upon my Intake I was literally dying from what I was doing to myself, so I knew that if I left I would not have another chance, so I stayed.  I have been free from addiction to drugs since December 8, 2011.  
The point of sharing all of this with anyone who takes the time to read this is that: The Great Spirit, “Gitchi Manitou” [in the Chippewa Language], is who saves us all from our natural selves, from the love of self, from addiction, from abandonment of Parents, from being lost with no purpose for being alive, from not knowing where to turn but to the next high or fix to make it through the day, call it what you will ____. Gitchi Manitou [aka The Holy Spirit] saves us from believing lies about ourselves and other people, from non-existence, survival-mode, poverty of the Soul, and maltreatment.
If you are a Leader of your People, a Tribal Member, or if you are joining the Network of WME OR you just happen to find this site unexpectedly, this message is for you!!  And it is for other people to hear, as well. Please share this message.  Christ Jesus gave me numerous second chances at Life, and I finally said yes to Him.  In order for someone to know that HE IS REAL, one has to have their own experience.  We stand for praying that all People have their own “experience”.   He has ruled with True Sovereignty since the Beginning of All Time.”

Repair – To fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or fault).

The – Denoting one or more people.

Breach – A gap in a wall, barrier or defense, escpecially one made by an attacking army.

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