Tonie Hoffman Thunder Bird

Tonie sends letters to the entirety of the United States, Alaska and Tribes in Canada. the purpose of this is to offer a way of forgiving each other and ourselves for wrong-doing, so that we can come into right relationship and keep connections for Generations to come. This is possible through The Creator, God and the Lord Yeshua (Jesus Christ) by the indwelling of The Holy Spirit AKA The Great Spirit.


She has also researched and obtained over 1,400 Indian Tribe’s contact information throughout the Globe to for the purposes of connecting churches together. The intent is to complete these outreach ‘projects’ for the duration of her life and reach all Indian Tribes for the Glory of God in an effort to return His people to Himself!

Repair – To fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or fault).


The – Denoting one or more people.


Breach – A gap in a wall, barrier or defense, escpecially one made by an attacking army.

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Tonie Hoffman Thunder Bird


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