Cesar & Cristina Rodrigues

Cesar, Cristina and their son Jonas Rodrigues are Brazilians, who decided to leave their professions to serve the Lord. He is a Nurse and Pharmacist and his wife is a Family Physician; they worked for more than 20 years for the Public Health System in Brazil.

In 2019 they left Brazil for Central America, wishing to use their experience of planting house churches in rural communities and small towns, devoting themselves exclusively to the preaching of the gospel. Starting from somewhere between Panama and Northern Mexico, to serve in the local community there, where they could live in their RV and get on with their project as they have often done in medical and evangelistic campaigns, using their expertise on several mission trips and supporting the implantation of small congregations.

Since the middle of 2020 during this pandemic, they have started DBS groups (Discovery Bible Studies) for the preaching of the gospel, dedicating great effort to making disciples in Central America and Brazil  through the internet. They have used language learning: Portuguese, Spanish, or English, as an assessment ministry to the preaching of the gospel, promoting connection with God and His family – the Church. This was a way to continue preaching the Word of God. Because of the restrictions of the pandemic, it gave them the opportunity to learn many things in terms of technology, and to continue using that knowledge for the glory of God. And so through DBS they can make a difference where the Lord sends them with the people they are going to meet.

The current project aims to invest in evangelistic work, and in the work of equipping and training people of peace, in the respective places where they’d have started their groups. Previously, their entire experience was based on conciliating their secular and voluntary work for the Lord.

Your help with this project is important to keep them in the effort to fulfill Jesus’ mission to make disciples and so they join other missionaries who dedicate their lives to finding people who want to be saved.


We are starting this new project called Sierra Madre Occidental mission in Mexico.
Our expectation is that the Lord will open the doors for us to move forward with the support of each one of you.
Pray for us!  🙏

Simple Church home meeting under the tree in Tucuns, Piaui, Brazil

Simple Church home meeting under the tree in Buriti Grande, Piaui, Brazil

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Cesar Rodrigues

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We have written these two books speaking on our trajectory in serving the Lord.

It is our hope that they will serve as an inspiration to all readers.

They are free to read, we hope you enjoy them.

Below are the downloads for each book. You can read them online or download these PDF’s.

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“The Journey”


“Adventures In The Kingdom”


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