Here at World Missions and Evangelism we are  Giving God Thanks for this year of 2019. We called it the Year of God’s Unmeasurable Favor and He has given that Favor and continues to do so. God is giving fruit and many souls have come into the Kingdom of God this Year.  Thousands of new groups and churches were planted. New Doors have opened and there have been trainings in Honduras, Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Argentina, Malaysia, the United States, Prison ministries, and the first Native American training impacting 4 Tribes. WME helped launch the 2414 Network for Middle and South America in May.  Our Megavoice studies have now been translated into English and Gurani.  God’s Grace and Favor have been with us all along the way.
But Now we are Looking forward to seeing what God does in 2020.
Our Vision Theme for 2020 is:   A New Season of Opportunity 
This Vision has 4 Emphases for the New Year.  It is Illustrated by the first several chapters of Acts!
1. The Year of the Upper Room
Acts 1
2. The Year of the Open Heaven
Acts 2
3. The Year of the Open Door
Acts 3
4. The Year of Unleashed Multiplication
Acts 4 and beyond.
Please be in Prayer with us tor the New Year.  We want to see Exponential Advance as Many New Groups and Churches are born!
For those who are planning some year end giving to WME, I want to share this very important information.  We so appreciate your amazing support, it helps make everything possible!
If you would like your WME gifts to be credited to the 2019 tax year, please note the following processing deadlines:
  Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and Credit Card payments must be submitted online by December 31.
   Checks must be postmarked by December 31.
Gifts received after this date will be credited to the 2020 tax year.
You can give to WME online at
God bless you and a Very Happy New Year!!!