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Valerie “Songbird” Brown, of Cherokee descent from both parents, is a graduate of Agape School of World Evangelism, is a licensed minister, and is a Certified Volunteer Manager. She owns Pampered Scents Naturals of Little Rock, Arkansas. She has worked for several large non-profits as a speaker, motivator and trainer, speaking to large and small groups alike.  Her heart’s passion is to help women reach their full potential while showing them practical ways to do so.

She felt God’s prompting and Call to reach the Native Americans more than 20 years ago.  The last few years she worked with Native American Pastors in Oklahoma, with various activities to help grow their congregation, to encourage them, & to consistently pray for them. She has also had the privilege of sharing her expertise in making inexpensive household cleaning products with many Native American Women.  Valerie’s God directed insight into developing the entrepreneurial spirit for herself, and other women, is the mark of excellence that will spread for many years to come.

Valerie has been married to Robert, (Gary) for 36 years. Her husband is a real blessing and truly supports her in all God has called her to do. They have three grown children and one grandson.   She has been an active member of Agape Church in Little Rock, AR for 39 years.

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