Purpose Driven Kids

The mission of this project is to bring purpose, hope, and joy to children of families of low resources here in the USA, Latin America, and beyond. Many of these families are in desperate situations, in need of resources to offer their children an opportunity to grow, to  pursue their dreams and to be active and productive participants in their community.

Ownership and local involvement are important in this project. Local churches are involved  to follow up with the needs and progress of participating families.

This is a very UNIQUE PROJECT with a UNIQUE approach to personal and community  development.

-The first step is to introduce each individual to God, a perfect and loving Father, who seeks  a personal and intimate relationship with each of His children.

– Development of a Vertical relationship with our Father. God is our source.

– Total Health is crucial for a successful life: Spirit, Soul and Body; Physical, emotional and  spiritual healing.

Our Father has blessed everyone of His children with talents and gifts for a PURPOSE: for the  Glory of God and the service of our families and our community.

We are called to be GOOD STEWARDS of what our Father has entrusted to us. “We brought  nothing into this world, and we can’t take anything with us” We are only temporary  STEWARDS of what our Father has entrusted to us.

Working together we bring The Message of God’s love to the families we touch and many lives  are impacted for eternity – for God’s Glory.

Book Resources from Jose Bonilla 

Fear Not (English Version)

Purchase “Fear Not: You are in Partnership with God To Manage His Creation” (English Version)

Fear Not (Spanish Version)

Purchase “Sin Miedo y Sin Pena: Principios de mayordomía Para una vida Libre, ” (Spanish Version)

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