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  I envision for myself at the present time and onwards to the future, my continual work and passion as a full time missionary. I have been actively on the field since 1990.

I am working with World Missions and Evangelism, who has supported me since I began. I partner with them to finish the great commission until every tribe and nation has heard the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My goal is to fully engage in the current project of reaching 30 known people groups in North America who are less than 2% evangelical or have never heard the Gospel. My commitment is to do this by whatever means it takes to see this get accomplished.

While living in China, I worked with the Starfish Project. That ministry is focused on reaching out to trafficked women and offering them a new way of life when coming off the street and out of the sex trade. This work will continue for me here locally as I help with a ministry that offers the exact same hope for young and vulnerable abused women.

The door for me to return to China will remain open, and when the Lord leads me back in that direction, I will go.

I am excited for the future and what the Lord has in store for me, whether it be on a Native American reservation, a brothel, or my neighborhood; there is much to be done.

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