Kingsley and Laura Ighedesa

​Kingsley and Laura (Mosley)​ Ighedesa, ​of Watchers Outreach Ministries, both have serv​ed, and pioneered​ in many aspects ​of the Kingdom for​ over 30 years. They have preached the gospel in many parts of the world, worked ​in community services, ​teaching in the prison systems​, and missionaries and advocates ​to the indigenous in Nigeria’s overpopulated and under serviced villages​ for the last 7 years​. The love of God, and many experiences shared makes them ​a great team to “​Champion Nigeria” ​for the ​(DMM​) ‘disciple making movement​’​, in these villages, and throughout Africa.
​”​Our vision to spread the gospel, communicating the peace and love of God,​ is what connected us to WME.  We desire to extend the opportunities for DMM ​groups around ​Africa​, as we foster hope, and education, in constructing a needed multi-purpose building.​ We are excited about the opportunity ​af​forded to ​us to ​partner with WME, and other missionary countries​,​ that are sharing this responsibility of disciple making!”
Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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