Abba Reach Ministries

Abba Reach Ministries serves hurting women in need, whether on the street, in jail, in a shelter, or mansion. Our hearts’ desire is to share the Gospel with them and show them God’s love through relationship.  We connect them with other ministries in the area to meet their practical and special needs such as housing, pregnancy care, food, clothing, education, abuse protection, legal care, and mental and physical health care. We direct them to government assistance when needed. Plenty of resources are available in the area, so our primary purpose is to redirect their focus to Jesus and all he has to offer, hope, peace, freedom, provision, and salvation. Besides directing them to resources we also try to expand their circle of support through church groups, recovery groups, prayer partners, accountability partners, and other ministries.

Our combined experience in jail ministry, trafficking safe-houses, street evangelism, over-seas missions, addiction recovery, parenting, Biblical counseling, and advocacy allows us to disciple women, no matter what their struggle.  We offer them a 40-day restoration program, at no cost to them. The program is suited to each lady’s personal story and struggles. We start with teaching the true character of God, the Father, which is the beginning of healing. We then use the Bible and its principles to counsel and teach the ladies life and coping skills as they grow closer to their heavenly Father and begin the healing process. We address and work with them in all spheres of their lives: relationships, finances, parenting, marriage, employment, home management, and self-care including spiritual, emotional, and physical. We help them to prepare for all aspects in the life of freedom they will live after graduating from the program


 Our long-term vision and hope for the future, in addition to meeting women where they are, includes a large home, facility, or community for women and their children to safely reside while completing the program so they can focus on their healing instead of making a living. One location will also make it more convenient for our volunteers, counselors, and teachers to serve the women since the ladies we serve are scattered over several counties, and most do not have consistent homes where we can find them. We are praying God will provide such a property as only He knows we need.


The women we serve are in one, or likely more than one of these situations:

Abuse                                   Poverty                                                Religion without relationship

Addiction                             Re-entering after incarceration

Homeless                            Anxiety/Depression

Trafficked                            Life struggles or Overwhelmed


Our needs:

Prayer for our ministry

Prayer partners


Missionary support

Funding for various needs: Books, emergency shelter, rehab, personal needs of the ladies, Transportation,

Vision project funding for long term housing


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Phone: (270) 527-9445
Fax: 888-247-6794