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The conference in the early part of this year was a total success. Following the training, folks put into practice what they learned at the conference and several new Discovery Bible Studies were started and souls were saved. New churches are started by starting discovery bible studies. All financial needs were met for the conference and we thank you for your prayers.

The Honduran team has been fully trained and equipped to do these training conferences without us being there. However, they had never done a complete training conference by themselves. So, on August 24,25,26,and 27 they did a conference in Tocoa , Colon, Honduras. Seven denominations or missions were represented. Several Discovery Bible Studies have since been started as a direct result of this conference. The training is about 30 hours so it is quite intense.

After the training classes the participants split up into small groups learn to do a DBS by actually doing one using the megavoice.

Part of the learning process in the conference is to divide up into small groups and discover what God’s Word say about the topic under discussion.

But when it is done those who received it have been trained in how to start and facilitate a DBS. In addition, those who attended the entire conference received a megavoice which is the digital player we use in Honduras to facilitate the studies. Each megavoice costs about $35.00 and can be used to start 3 new churches or even more at times.

You may ask why do we use megavoices? Honduras is an illiterate to semiliterate society in the rural areas so we have to use training mechanisms that will work in such a society. The megavoices allow a semi-literate person to facilitate a Discovery Bible Study. Even a person that can’t read at all can use the megavoice to start bible studies. All of this makes for fast mobilization and fast reproduction. The idea is to get many bible studies started in the communities. Churches result from these bible studies.

This December the team is going to do another conference. Keith and I will be flying down there on the 11th of December. We will teach the lessons that are assigned to us to teach. However, the team is doing all the organizing and they are in charge of the conference. Pray that all will go smoothly. We expect over 100 attendees from various denominations. This conference will take place in San Nicolas, Santa Barbara, Honduras. The conference starts on Wednesday night the 12th of December and ends Sunday night the 16th. Pray that the funds will be supplied for this training conference. Pray that all the organizing will go smoothly. Pray that God will help every teacher to teach well and every attendee to learn well. Pray that Keith and I will have a safe flight down to Honduras and a safe trip back to the USA.

Team Leader Adiel teaching a session in the Tocoa August conference.

Thank you for your support. Without you, we couldn’t go. You are a vital part of hundreds of churches being started over the next few years. We need your support.


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