The Honduras Disciple Making Movement at 7 Years! Riding the Wave!

It is hard for me to believe that it has only been 7 years since Randy and Linda Travis, along with Keith and Juanita Travis started training Honduran leaders in the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) strategy in Santa Rosa, Copan in Honduras.  The 2 Travis families, both missionaries with WME, had embraced the vision of what we at that time called the Church Planting Movement (CPM) strategy. Randy and Keith had moved to Honduras to serve as the Strategy Coordinators for this project in June of 2007.  After months of preparing a base for training, developing a training curriculum, preparing for access ministry, and sharing the vision with Honduran leaders, the first team assembled on May 1, 2008, to begin an intensive 2-month training experience. Counting men, women, and children there were close to 20 Hondurans at the Santa Rosa base in May 2008.

That small group was trained and then began to go to villages without the gospel and search for the People of Peace that would open the door for small Bible study groups.  The work was slow, there were many setbacks and dangers, and sometimes over the years, there has been a great discouragement.  But beginning with that initial team, hundreds of leaders have been trained in those 7 years.  People from nearly 50 denominations have been trained.  43 denominations and groups have planted the DBS studies and new churches as a result.  Today in Honduras we count over 12,000 people involved in these catalyzed groups and churches!  Since January of last year alone, over 4,000 people have accepted Christ and been baptized.

There are over 1,500 groups and churches.  These groups are in over 250 cities, towns, and villages spread over 15 of the 18 departments of Honduras!  In addition, during these years, as a result of this project the nations of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Argentina, have been impacted in some way!

 As I think back over these 7 years, and then look at the future, I realize that although much work and many sacrifices have happened through the amazing leaders that we have partnered with during this time, it is all an amazing work of God Himself.  To start with impacting 20 people and see over 12,000 in discipling groups between May 2008 and May 2015 can only be explained as Riding a Wave of God’s Grace.  When a surfer is on his board on a large wave, it may look impressive….but regardless of how skilled the surfer is, we all know that he did nothing to create the wave!  Likewise, WME is partnered with some of the most wonderful leaders in the nation of Honduras….real men and women of God, many of which are my heroes…. but none of us or them can take credit for the wave of God’s blessings that are creating this movement.
So to God be the glory.  And to you, the partners of WME, thank you for your continued prayers and faithful giving to support and undergird this amazing work of God.  You are a vital part
Together we are Riding The Wave of God’s Grace in order to bring the Great Commission to fulfillment in Honduras, All of Central America and South America, and ultimately in the whole world!


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