God’s Promise House

Barbara Page, Director

After returning from a week long mission trip to Guatemala in July of 2012 Barb realized that she had left something there, her heart. While she was there that week she developed a burden to help the teenage moms that she saw everywhere she looked. When she returned home and started researching the teenage pregnancy epidemic in Guatemala sadly enough her suspicions turned out to be even more devastatingly true than she could have imagined. Girls as young as 10 years old were becoming pregnant. Over 60% of the more than 60 thousand teenage girls who become pregnant each year are victims of rape and close to 50% of those was from a family member. So with God leading every step of the way Barb has devoted her life to giving these girls a life.

Gods Promise House is a home in Santa Ana, Antigua, Guatemala that reaches out to teenage and young adult moms in need. Our main focus is helping them get their spiritual needs met but also getting an education or job training so they can live independently and support their children. So many of these girls feel like they are in a hopeless rut, but Gods promises in his word are for everyone.

The Promise House is always in need of new supporters to help maintain the environment we have created for these children as well as to provide the necessary basic amenities. Everything from baby food to young children to school books to toiletries are provided and helped funded through your giving. Please consider becoming a supporter or leaving a gift through the donations page by clicking the donate button link below.


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