Afghanistan Refugee Bible Project

The global affect and influence of the Taliban has changed the mindset of people around the globe since the 9/11 attacks on the USA. Including neighboring countries.

In the past several months tens of thousands of Afghanistan refugees have poured into Pakistan. They have left most of their possessions, arrived destitute, and many have experienced severe forms of trauma. A group of small churches in Pakistan has mobilized to meet and help them.

International aid comes in the form of providing food and shelter for most of them, but no one is providing trauma counseling and compassion. This is the focus of the Pakistani church. Even though the Pakistani church itself is under persecution, they continue responding to these needy people with love and compassion. They have developed great experience in helping people deal with their trauma and begin healing from it.  One of the key elements to this counseling is the word of God.

Teams from the Pakistani church have distributed 500 Bibles among groups of the refugees. These Bibles are used to bring healing from the trauma, as well as start them on a path which will lead them into the Kingdom of God.

The fruit of these efforts have brought many men and women of peace. A good number of people have begun practicing Discovery Bible Studies in small groups. A non- traditional Sunday School has begun meeting. People who are going through uncertainty, fear, and with no peace in their lives have heard the Good News open heartedly. God has given this opportunity to Evangelize these precious souls.

Our primary strategy is to provide every person with a Holy Bible in their native language. The goal is large. Without your partnership in prayers and finances, we would not be able to accomplish this mission.

Our goal is to distribute an additional 2,000 Pashtun language Bibles in the first phase of distribution. This would total one per family and guide them in the healing process. Each Bible will cost $5 or $10,000 for the two thousand Bibles. It May also need some logistics expenses about 1500 USD.

At this point we have secured $2,000 and are asking for your additional support by contributing at the following link. Let’s work together so we may save one of the hardest mission fields through the Gospel.

May God bless you all and your families! Amen

For security purposes the name of the Pakistani Pastor has been removed

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