WME Is Thankful!!!!!!!!!!

Here at World Missions and Evangelism, we are so thankful to God for His goodness.  His blessings this year have been abundant!

Here are some of the things we are thankful for:

An increasing Harvest of souls in the INSTAR (Latin American Church Planting Movement) Project.  In the Last 12 months 432 new Groups and Churches have been multiplied!  Total 859 Groups and Churches!  8,163 people are a part of these Groups and Churches.  In the last year, 1,423 have accepted Christ and 1,839 have been baptized.

The INSTAR Project is already, or is preparing to walk through new doors into Guatemala, Ecuador, and Argentina.  In addition, Honduras,Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico have been and are being touched.  We now sit on the brink of greater advance of the Gospel than ever before!

WME is blessed to be touching many nations around the world through the ministries of our Affiliated Missionaries and Missions Projects!  Indonesia and Region,  African nations, China and its region, Europe, Australia, and North America are being impacted in addition to the INSTAR Project in Latin America. We are thankful for the Missionaries and Ministries that are affiliated with WME.

WME has a great group of Intercessors, that receive weekly prayer updates.  We are thankful for these wonderful people who are doing Ministry that is impacting the world through their prayers!

WME has a great group of financial partners, both for the missionaries and for the Projects.  These include generous people and Partnering Churches that sacrificially give to see the Gospel spread through the ministries of WME.

We are thankful for the wonderful office staff that works at WME.  Jenny Demumbree, our Financial Director, and Jacob Harlan, our Communications Director, are a blessing to work with, and they love the Lord, our partners and our missionaries!

We are thankful to God for His amazing mercies to all of us at WME, from the staff to the missionaries to the prayer and financial supporters!  We are thankful for continued life, health, and protection.  Our missionaries and field partners have been spared this year and delivered from dangerous situations.  We are thankful for protection in our travels around the world.  ALL GLORY AND HONOR GOES TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!  WITHOUT HIM WE CAN DO NOTHING!

We are blessed to be connected with, and work with, the finest people on earth.

Finally, we are thankful TO you, our faithful prayer supporters and givers!  WME is truly Your Ministry to the World!  Without Your Ministry of Prayer and Support, WME does not move forward.  Thanks so much for Everything!  We Appreciate you more than we can say!

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