Almost 2,000!

We have just received the 2nd quarter reports from our INSTAR project in Latin America.  Currently there are discovery groups, house churches, developed churches and other groups that have resulted from this project in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Argentina, that we are reporting in this 2nd quarter.  Groups from at least 46 denominations or networks are involved in these groups.  The majority of the groups are in Honduras, where the project launched in the field in 2008.

But now we can see that God has birthed a Disciple Making Movement that is touching thousands of lives!  We are thankful for the amazing things that are happening. This year our team had a goal to reach 2,000 groups by the end of the year….by God’s grace this has almost happened by the end of the 2nd Quarter!  So here are the current official statistics of this movement at the end of the 2nd Quarter, 2015.

Total number of Groups:  1,978
Total number of Discovery Groups with Pre Christians:  626
Total number of Churches, House Churches, or Groups with Believers: 1,352
Total number of People that are involved in this movement:  14,434
(Actually the number of People is higher, but some of the groups have not reported internal numbers)

In the last 3 months (April through June)
2,264 new people have been incorporated in Discovery studies
1,250 people have made commitments to follow Jesus Christ as Savior.
1,016 people have followed Jesus in obedience and been baptized in water.
Total increase in number of Groups in this quarter:  417

That means that on average:
25 people per day are joining discovery groups and beginning the discipling process!
13 people per day are accepting Christ as Savior!
11 people per day are being baptized!
4.5 groups are starting daily!

There are now 9 generations of DBS and church groups.  That means that our team planted a group/church that planted a group that planted a group that planted a group that planted a group that planted a group that planted a group that planted a group that planted a group!
Here are the numbers of churches/groups in each of the 9 generations:

1st Generation 434
2nd Generation 253
3rd Generation 304
4th Generation 214
5th Generation 241
6th Generation 220
7th Generation 186
8th Generation 98
9th Generation 28

We report this giving Glory and Honor to the Lord of the Harvest.  Truly this is God’s Work, not WME’s work.  WME is helping to train and mentor leaders.  Training and discipling resources are being given, and leaders are raised up.  A faithful group of Honduran leaders are working constantly, going to new areas, even risking their lives in dangerous areas to find people of peace and begin new groups, and mentor the people in the groups and new emerging leaders.  In other words, WME, and its partnering leaders and churches (from many different groups) are working, and planting the seed.  But the Lord of the Harvest is doing the work of drawing, enlightening, and transforming lives.  He is opening every door and providing all the resources.

Those of you that are prayer partners and givers to this ministry, are also a key part of what is happening.  Without the support that comes From God Through You this movement would not have been birthed.  Thanks so much for sowing prayer seeds and financial seeds, allowing the workers in Latin America to sow the Eternal, Incorruptible Seed of the Word of God!

To God be the Glory forever!  Soli Deo Gloria!

The Honduras Disciple Making Movement at 7 Years! Riding the Wave!

It is hard for me to believe that it has only been 7 years since Randy and Linda Travis, along with Keith and Juanita Travis started training Honduran leaders in the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) strategy in Santa Rosa, Copan in Honduras.  The 2 Travis families, both missionaries with WME, had embraced the vision of what we at that time called the Church Planting Movement (CPM) strategy. Randy and Keith had moved to Honduras to serve as the Strategy Coordinators for this project in June of 2007.  After months of preparing a base for training, developing a training curriculum, preparing for access ministry, and sharing the vision with Honduran leaders, the first team assembled on May 1, 2008 to begin an intensive 2 month training experience.  Counting men, women and children there were close to 20 Hondurans at the Santa Rosa base in May 2008.  

That small group was trained and then began to go to villages without the gospel and search for the People of Peace that would open the door for small Bible study groups.  The work was slow, there were many setbacks and dangers, and sometimes over the years there has been great discouragement.  But beginning with that initial team, hundreds of leaders have been trained in those 7 years.  People from nearly 50 denominations have been trained.  43 denominations and groups have planted the DBS studies and new churches as a result.  Today in Honduras we count over 12,000 people involved in these catalyzed groups and churches!  Since January of last year alone, over 4,000 people have accepted Christ and been baptized.
There are over 1,500 groups and churches.  These groups are in over 250 cities, towns, and villages spread over 15 of the 18 departments of Honduras!  In addition, during these years, as a result of this project the nations of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Argentina, have been impacted in some way!
As I think back over these 7 years, and then look at the future, I realize that although much work and many sacrifices have happened through the amazing leaders that we have partnered with during this time, it is all an amazing work of God Himself.  To start with impacting 20 people and see over 12,000 in discipling groups between May 2008 and May 2015 can only be explained as Riding a Wave of God’s Grace.  When a surfer is on his board on a large wave, it may look impressive….but regardless of how skilled the surfer is, we all know that he did nothing to create the wave!  Likewise, WME is partnered with some of the most wonderful leaders in the nation of Honduras….real men and women of God, many of which are my heroes….but none of us or them can take credit for the wave of God’s blessings that are creating this movement.
So to God be the glory.  And to you, the partners of WME, thank you for your continued prayers and faithful giving to support and undergird this amazing work of God.  You are a vital part.
Together we are Riding The Wave of God’s Grace in order to bring the Great Commission to fulfillment in Honduras, All of Central America and South America, and ultimately in the whole world!

How are INSTAR projects and missionaries impacting Latin America?


INSTAR is the name that WME has for all of its projects in Latin America.  The overall goal is to make disciples that make disciples, and to do Kingdom of God ministry that will impact lives and bring transformation to lives and regions.  Here are some of the missionaries and projects that are bringing Transformation in Latin America!

Candace Brown-Espinosa: Candace has been a member of the Abraham Project team since March 2003. She traveled to Costa Rica with the purpose of volunteering for a humanitarian organization that focuses on women and children. She has worked in many aspects of the Project including six years as Team Coordinator, two years as Children’s Home Administrative Assistant, and as of January 2011, she and Aarón are now one of two new sets of house parents. Candace married Aarón Espinoza in 2005, and they have shared their lives with the church serving in many capacities. Aarón lends his time as one of the music directors and runs the sound system at the Lighthouse Community Christian Church at the Project. Both Candace and Aarón enjoy their service with the Abraham Project and encourage others to join in this endeavor to be a haven and refuge for the hurting and unprotected.

Richard and Pat Crowder:  The Crowders are Children’s evangelists and missionaries.  They are conducting Kids Krusades and evangelistic outreach to children in Latin America.  Primarily focused on Honduras, they also are impacting Mexico and Guatemala.  Literally thousands of children have received Jesus as Savior through their ministry.  They also train and equip children’s ministers throughout the region.
Sid and Kathy Luke:  Sid and Kathy Luke have been ministering to Chile and Mexico for over 30 years. They have done all kinds of evangelic ministries including street evangelism, church planting, leadership training, radio ministry, along with earthquake and tsunami relief.

Randy and Linda Travis: Randy and Linda Travis have been missionaries in Latin America since 1982. During their first 6 years in Honduras they pioneered a church in the department of Olancho. From this church, came a network of churches.

By 2006 there were about 25 churches in Honduras as a part of this network. In addition, Randy pioneered the gospel with the Pech Indian tribe.
The Travis family became affiliated with W.M.E. in 1988 and were W.M.E.’s first missionaries. Soon afterward they relocated to Chiapas, Mexico and spent a number of years in evangelism and ministry in the indigenous church there.
Also during their ministry, Randy taught missions at the Omega Missions Training Center in Alabama.

In 2006, Randy met David Watson and had the vision to see a new church planting movement emerge in Honduras. Randy and Linda along with their son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Juanita, moved back to Honduras in 2007 and began to lay the groundwork for a Church Planting Movement Project. The initial Honduran team was recruited from the original churches randy had planted years before. The project began in 2008. As of December 2014 there were 1,244 groups and churches as a result of this project.
Randy continues to serve as the strategy coordinator for the INSTAR PROJECT

Keith and Juanita Travis: Keith Travis was born in 1982. This was the same year that his parents, Randy & Linda Travis, moved to Honduras as pioneer missionaries. Growing up on the mission field he was a part of his parents’ ministry. At about age 20, Keith launched out full time in evangelistic ministry in Southern Mexico. In five years of ministry, Keith saw many people come to the Lord and has many testimonies of God’s supernatural power. During this time he met and married his wife, Juanita. In late 2006, God spoke to him and said “I’m sending you back to Honduras.”

When he told his father, Randy said that he and Linda were going back to Honduras as well. Randy told Keith about the Church Planting Movement Strategy.
Keith has served as assistant strategy coordinator throughout the process and has been powerfully used of God.
Honduras Ministries:

We currently distribute food, hygiene products and medical supplies to more than 1200 individuals per month. We help support growing congregations of Christians. That support includes construction of new church buildings and homes. Our first church building was constructed in 2006 in Cero de Piedra. Next we constructed a church building in LaFortunita.  We have four worship services at present, one on Thursday in Choluteca, one on Friday evening in SanJose, one on Saturday in LaFortunita and one on Sunday in Cerco de Piedra.  We have training programs for Hondurans to learn trades in sewing and hammock-making. We are currently training eager Honduran men and women to plant additional evangelical Christian churches and duplicate this ministry in other Honduran villages. The need is great.
There are many mountain villages that still do not have electricity or running water, children without clothing or shoes, and families without food to feed their children. High percentages of young marriages and teen pregnancy are the norm and sadly this is all they seem to know to aim for. Homes are barely constructed of mud, sticks, cardboard and whatever material they can use to cover themselves. Many villages have no organized church, a pastor, or a church building in which to meet, which leaves their spiritual needs unfulfilled.
Dawn Choate and Healing Projects:  Impacting Guatemala
As Healing Projects, we will focus on 5 main arms that all come together to showcase projects and ministries dedicated to holistic healing for vulnerable women, children or orphans, and impoverished communities. Healing Hannah, Healing Orphans, Healing Hands, Healing Hearts, & Healing Homes will focus on different aspects of the same purpose, to bring the fullness of God’s healing to those who need it most.
God’s Promises: Michelle Garland, James and Barbara Page: “Las Promesas De Dios” (God’s Promises) in Villa Nueva, Guatemala, is about 30-45 minutes from Guatemala City. It is an orphanage of about 250 children ages 0-18 with backgrounds from everything imaginable. The one thing each of these kids have in common is they LOVE to be loved.
Michelle Garland began the work with this orphanage several years ago and has recently partnered with World Missions & Evangelism.
Barbara Page is moving to Guatemala soon to establish God’s Promise House:
God’s Promise House is a home for teen moms in Sacatepequez Guatemala. In Guatemala 135 girls become pregnant each day. The majority of them are as a result of assault or abuse and a majority of them are forced to quit school and raise their babies without help from anyone. “Babies raising Babies”  The Promise House will offer love, guidance, and parenting skills. It will be a place where they can live, have nutritional meals, receive medical care for them and their babies, and receive an education. Since it takes time to become an accredited orphanage in Guatemala, we will open the home to teen moms who are 18 years old first and soon after that, the younger teen moms.
We are so EXCITED to announce the day of our GRAND OPENING will be JULY 1, 2015.

The Instar Disciple Making Movement:  Beginning in 2008,
and under the leadership of Strategy Coordinators
Randy and Keith Travis, hundreds of leaders have
been trained to make disciples that make disciples.
The initial team of leaders trained in 2008 has
multiplied to now become 1,244 groups and
churches….with approximately 10,500 people
involved.  Nearly 3,000 people were baptized
as new followers of Jesus in 2014 alone!
Would You Consider Being A Part of This Transformation?
Pray Daily for INSTAR
Give Faithfully for INSTAR
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