God’s Promises / Las Promesas De Dios

Formerly Known As “City of Children”


“Las Promesas De Dios” (God’s Promises) in Villa Nueva, Guatemala, is about 30-45 minutes from Guatemala City. It is an orphanage of about 250 children ages 0-18 with backgrounds from everything imaginable. The one thing each of these kids have in common is they LOVE to be loved.

Michelle Garland began the work with this orphanage several years ago and has recently partnered with World Missions & Evangelism.

She takes regular trips to Guatemala to help the orphanage. You can sponsor a child or partner with us to take a short term trip to Guatemala.

Take A Trip

Michelle took a group to Guatemala three times during 2012 and twice in 2013. For more information on upcoming trips for 2014, please contact W.M.E. at (270) 527-9445.

Sponsor A Child

Lilian takes care of her daughter in the orphanage. Little Angie has a skin rash right now that really needs some attention. Please pray that it is taken care of and consider sponsoring this small family and help meet their needs.

Fall Break trip 2012 update – Lillian and Angie still live in the City of Children and still need a sponsor. Angie’s rash is completely better. She is a beautiful little girl.

Fall Break trip 2012 Update – His name is Mariano and he is 2 years old. He has a sister that is 5 named Rosaura that also lives at the Los Promesas De Dios.



Kimberly age 2 is at the orphanage with her mother. Her mother’s name is Heidy, who is only 14 and is raising a 2 year old.

Fall Break trip 2012 update – Heidy and Kimberly still live in Los Promesas De Dios and still need a sponsor. Please consider sponsoring her individually or together.

This is Marito.

Fall Break trip 2012 update – Marito will be 2 soon. He is a lot of fun and a lot to keep up with. He LOVES to ride in the bus… and especially honk the horn and push the buttons. He also LOVES cars and trucks to plays with and gives all of them “motor” sounds.

There are many other children and teens that need to be sponsored. Check out

God’s Promises on Facebook to see more.

In addition, there is a new orphanage ministry starting up called “God’s Promises”. The Promise house will be a home for teenage moms to receive the love of Jesus, health care, nutrition, education and job training. we believe God is going to move in a mighty way and very soon we will be up and running. you are encouraged to read our news page and check out our pictures.

You can link to their website : Promise House

Donate to God’s Promises online here: Donation