Greetings & Happy 2013 to all of you in the precious name of our glorious Savior-whose name is above every name. It is in Him that we live, move and have our being. We pray that you all have had a Christ- Centered Christmas and are excited about this new year. Our prayer is that in this new year the blessing that we all seek is to know our Lord more and serve Him with an even greater commitment. We pray that you will walk in His purpose and plans for your life. This past year has held many shocking things and disappointments that we all have witnessed, experienced or heard about. Unfortunately, we also know that
this coming year will have its own challenges and we will once again see the enemy wreak havoc on the lives of many and the people we love. Let’s all be committed to taking a little more time in prayer, waiting on our Lord and interceding for our loved ones and those whom our Lord places upon our heart. Satan is the prince of this world but Jesus is Lord of all.


I know many of you have been wondering what is going on with the Proclaimers and the Mega Voices (audio Bibles). We apologize for the delay in sharing the progress. The candid answer is that it is taking much longer than we expected to get it all up and running. There is a good reason for this. As we have mentioned to you before, God has been connecting the dots with putting us in contact with people to help us get the audio Bible out to the rural areas where people cannot read or for other reasons choose not to read. I was out in a village a few weeks ago speaking with one of our national missionaries. He told me that he is extremely excited about using the MegaVoice because many of the people in his village cannot read or choose not to read even if they can. He did not know it at the time but this confirmed something that the Lord has been speaking to me about regarding the Proclaimers and MegaVoices. Making disciples is so much more than handing out audio Bibles. There are many people around the world that have multiple Bibles that are collecting dust on a shelf, a table, or in a drawer. There are others who are reading the world but are not doing what it says. There are also many that think that because they have a Bible and read it sometimes or take it to church, they are pleasing our Lord. The truth of the matter is stated clearly in 2 Timothy 3:16 & 17, 2 Timothy 2:2, James 1:22-25, Acts 2:42, and Matthew 28:18-20. For the sake time I will not write out the verses but I encourage you to look each one up if you are not familiar with them. We must equip. We must teach. We must help them understand that it is about applying and obeying the Word. It is about standing in God’s promises and trusting in His Word. It is about entrusting what we have been taught to obey to other faithful men and women. It is about seeing non-believers becoming disciples. It is a very interactive role.


With this in mind, the Lord spoke to my heart telling me that we must be purposeful and the people must be taught to obey and not deceived by becoming hearers only. This is why we have been spending large amounts of time translating Discovery Bible Study questions that are understood in our culture, interactive and makes the hearers responsible for doing, through a series of questions and directives. Each lesson contains thirteen to fourteen questions/directives to make the hearer active and involved. Another thing our Lord spoke to us about is that it must start at the beginning so the listeners can get a full understanding of God, His purpose, His plan for each of us and the World now and for the future. We want them to be able to see God’s plan and His Son from the Old Testament to the New Testament.


The organization that makes the MegaVoices, as well as the organization that makes Proclaimers (Faith Comes by Hearing) has done a fantastic, God-inspired job of putting the New Testament in audio form in some of the Languages used in Botswana.

Unfortunately, we do not have the Old Testament in audio form. This is where a large amount of our time has now been spent, because we want them to be able to gain an understanding of Jesus from the beginning. We have been busy getting indigenous men and women to record the Old Testament passages that we use for discipleship. I, Michael, have been working with a precious Batswana brother and sister in the Lord to get this done. We have finished recording the passages. Once we were finished, I noticed the drastic difference between the New Testament passages which we are using from the Proclaimer and the Old Testament passages that we have
recorded. The New Testament is rich with sound effects and many dramatic effects. We decided that we do not want people being tempted to hurry or skip through the Old Testament passages to get to New Testament because it sounds more exciting and intriguing. This caused me to decide to take on the daunting task of creating and mixing sound effects in the Old Testament passages as well. This is where we are now. I am busy editing passages. The plan is to have a few ready by mid-January. We already have some people ready and eager to use them.


We have also had a wonderful donation from World Mission and Evangelism (the mission organization that receives our funds for us). They purchased 25 proclaimers for us to get started. So, I know this sounds like a familiar tune, but we really are on the starting blocks; just moments away from running with these exciting new devices. God’s Word, rich and alive with the tools needed for it to be taught and obeyed. We are anticipating the day when we will see illiterate people discipling others-rightly handling the Word of God.