Pakistan: Operation Saved Totally (P.O.S.T.)

– Judy Smith, Project Coordinator


This is Aamir Riaz and God connected his life to mine in 2012. Aamir is an evangelist and he holds onto the ministry of the apostle Paul as as example of his own spreading of the Gospel to all parts of Pakistan, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). His ministry in all four provinces of Pakistan is called “StreetsEvangelism”, and he is assisted by five other pastors and leaders. Since June of 2014 we have started home churches due to the prevalent persecution of the Church and Body of Christ throughout Pakistan. This is growing well and the people feel safer in this atmosphere.





Left to Right: Samuel Gill, Yousaf Masih, Imvan Saeed, Aamir Riaz, Kasifnasir, John Safiq

In early 2013 we rented and opened a home for a woman and her two daughters who were trying to find refuge from family who were going to kill them for renouncing Islam and accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. We called it the House of Rahab. Since then we have opened a second house and presently have fifteen (men, women, children) living in this secure environment. The women are studying the Bible and we have a tutor hired to teach them to read and write in the Urdu language. The men have jobs and they pool their salaries together for the running of the homes. The children attend a local school and are doing well. Last week (week of Septmeber 15th, 2014) the women stepped out in their “new faith” and approached three families who were very antagonistic towards them for a long time.  They presented Jesus Christ to them (muslims) and ALL THREE FAMILIES RECEIVED JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND LORD and are now eager for baptism!  NOW THAT IS WHAT OUR GOD IS ABLE TO DO as we step out in faith on His Word and in His authority!!! *We cannot post photos at this time for their personal security.*

About one year ago we began the SD Card ministry as a tool to reach the people who attended outdoor street meetings. The ones who showed an interest in the Gospel were given this small card which has the Gospel of John on it. They can then listen to it as they are able and share it with others. Hundreds of cards have been dispersed and there have been many salvations and baptisms as a result. it is a tremendous initial teaching tool to bring them to Christ and as a good beginning place to know more about Jesus. 





In June 2014, we were able to meet with Aamir during our visit to Nepal. We carried “Proclaimers”, which are solar powered recorder devices containing the New Testament. Four of these were delivered to Aamir and one went to each of the four provinces in Pakistan. These worked extremely well as many people cannot read or write; so for some it was the first time they had heard the Gospel in their own language. What a blessing! In the future we hope to access “Mega-Voice” as an alternative as they are much smaller and easier to get to the people. We also had taken several “Bible Sticks” which had the New Testament recorded on them and these were good but more for on individual rather than many.






Several months ago I began teaching (via Skype) in church meetings and house meetings with Aamir as translator. This has gone well. In July we started up a women’s ministry and Sara Riaz (Aamir’s wife) and I teach that and it has been well received. It is a time we all enjoy and I feel drawn to these precious people and they have truly become “family”.








On September 8,2014, Aamir and Pastor Sarwar started a One Year Bible Training course for all interested. Twenty students have signed on and they began their first class yesterday. We look forward to seeing what God will do through this venue as well.

My husband and i have been able to keep all this funded until now but God is dynamic and it is growing so rapidly and extending into so many places that we cannot possibly fund it.

The scripture that fits this request best is found in Luke 5:6-7 : “And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish; and as their nets were at the point of breaking, they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and take hold with them. And they came and filled both boats, so that they began to sink.”

We need YOUR help; YOU can be part of this great harvest of souls in Pakistan.

P.O.S.T. is now a project under World Missions & Evangelism and YOU can now give online and get a Tax Deduction. You can choose into which area you want to place your funding and 100% will go to that designated area.

OR, YOU may mail a check to: World Missions and Evangelism P.O. Box Benton KY, 42025

Be sure to designate that the check is for P.O.S.T.

God bless you.


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