Paul Lanz

Missionary focused on helping the indigenous church

Paul says,

We are truly excited to be called as missionaries to go into all of the world, to preach the Gospel! By God’s grace we have ministered in over 25 countries, 5 continents and have witnessed people from over 50 countries receive Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior. We have helped plant churches in the US, Asia and in Central America. Today these churches continue to flourish. Almighty God has continued to put His stamp of approval by doing miracles through our ministry. We have seen people healed of cancer, paralysis, broken bones, and diseases that had no name. We have seen deaf, mute, blind and amputee people healed.






Our focus is on evangelism, discipleship and church planting. We are hoping to help ignite a discipleship/church planting movement in Latin America. We hope to ignite these churches with the fire of evangelism and discipleship to reach the entire Spanish speaking world. We also minister through compassion ministries at orphanages, prisons and on the streets. We have preached in churches, at conferences, on television and the internet. Our ministry goals are:

  • To stir up churches throughout Latin America, Spain and Portugal to evangelize and make disciples
  • To disciple, train and motivate believers to follow Jesus Christ
  • To help plant churches in Central and South America
  • To lead 5,000 people each year to the saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • Long term ministry goal: To win 1 million souls for Christ

Almighty God is doing great things in Guatemala! Typically every week, we pray with 100-200 people on the streets to get saved. What a privilege! Also, I have been a part of 3 supernatural healing miracles at a church that I am helping to plant there. Glory to God! One of the miracles was an older woman falling, breaking bones and getting severally injured. She was prayed for and she was completely restored immediately! Amazing! Praise God!

Missionary William Carey, considered the father of modern day missions, once said, “I will go down, if you will hold the rope.” He needed partners to enable him to do the ministry that God had called him to do. We are also looking to add ministry partners with the ministry the LORD has called us to do. Would you consider being a part of this ministry that wins thousands to the LORD?

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