INSTAR is a Spanish word meaning to urge or be urgent. INSTAR denotes the urgency at World Missions and Evangelism to reach the nations with the Gospel.

The cause is Urgent when eternal souls are at stake. Missions is not an optional task for God’s people. Missions personify what it means to be the people of God. When Jesus founded the Church, He wasn’t starting an institution, but rather He was starting a movement. The early church was a Disciple Making Movement that exploded through Israel and the Roman Empire like an unexpected Tsunami! The early disciples were obedient followers of Jesus who discipled others constantly. Eventually people in the empire called them the people “who turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). This happened because the early believers lived in a state of urgency to obey Christ’s great commission.

Missions work is urgent because we are nearing the end game period of missions. Jesus told us that every people group would hear the gospel before the end (Matthew 24:14). The last two centuries have seen amazing progress in world missions. Millions have heard, and closure (the fulfillment of the Great Commission) is closer than ever before. It is urgent that we build on the foundations that the great missionaries have laid, and continue moving forward aggressively in facilitating disciple making movements as we pursue our vision to see nations and peoples become obedient disciples.


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