The Strategy

The INSTAR strategy is designed to facilitate disciple making movements in every nation, region, village, community and people group in Latin America. Our focus is on the 21 nations of Latin America from Mexico to the tip of South America, as well as all the island nations of the Caribbean. This region includes many unreached people groups. INSTAR is aimed at seeing a reproducing Christward Movement in all of these peoples.

Intercession and Identification:

WME seeks to facilitate prayer for the peoples of Latin America in the body of Christ and to identify regions and people for outreach and ministry.



WME begins its work in each new region by forming partnerships and alliances with evangelical ministries already at work in those areas. WME networks with both missions agencies and indigenous churches and organizations to help bring unity to the mission teams and to help facilitate their outreaches.


WME takes a servant role in helping our partners to accomplish their mission and also serves local needs of poor communities. Examples of these kinds of ministries are clean water projects, medical and health assistance, orphan care, educational support, and community development.


Church planting, disciple making strategies and practices. WME provides curriculum and training with ongoing mentoring opportunities for disciple making/church planting trainees.


Providing assistance to those that have been trained in the disciple making movement strategy. This assistance involves mentoring and resources to help multiply disciples.


WME tracks the results on the field through regular reports from those who are actively making disciples and planting new churches. In this way the progress of the gospel in peoples and geographic regions can be reported to the wider support base of the ministry as well as to the missions community.

Through the INSTAR strategy WME is acting as a catalytic agent for the advance of the Gospel. WME is facilitating exponential multiplication of disciples making disciples and churches planting churches in the needy regions of Latin America.


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