The Last Tribe Initiative


The Last Tribe Initiative:




The first step is to identify and strategically map the location and level of need of every Unreached People Group (UPG) in Latin America. This will be achieved through partnerships with experts in people group, geographical, and spiritual mapping.


The second part of this project is to intentionally recruit missionaries, strategists, and national leaders in every nation in the Mexico/Central and South American/Caribbean region. The purpose of this recruitment is to identify those who will focus on the task. This will include mobilizing existing missionaries and leaders and new missionaries and leaders to prioritize reaching these least reached groups. Personnel will be tasked to mobilize other believers to give full time attention to the LAST TRIBE effort.


This phase of the LAST TRIBE project will include the disciple making training events and mentoring that are already a part of INSTAR, but it will go further. Missionary training programs will be launched. We will partner with other organizations to bring training, missions strategy, missionary skills, and disciple making movements, as well as special focus on unreached peoples. This training will be facilitated throughout Latin America for national partners focusing on UPG’s.



Fourthly, trained and focused North American and Latin American missionaries will be deployed to begin the process of reaching, researching and facilitating disciple making movements with specific people groups. The specific strategies employed will vary according to location, level of evangelization and involvement of other evangelical outreaches to these groups.


The missionaries and strategists that are assigned and deployed to the specific people groups and regions will focus on BOTH pioneer mission work AND facilitative strategies to enable the development of disciple making movements among all peoples.


In addition to the intentional work of WME’s missionaries and international partners, this project will include focusing on working with other missions agencies, churches, projects, and individuals in a coalition to share research, training, best practices, and fellowship in the goal of bringing closure to the great commission in greater Latin America.


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