The Goal


The goal of the INSTAR project is the full evangelization of all of Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands. Over 1,400 people groups live in this region. Over 700,000 of these people are in least reached peoples and over 475 million are non-Evangelicals.

INSTAR aims to see Disciple Making Movements and Church Multiplication happen in EVERY group all the way TO THE LAST TRIBE! The LAST TRIBE project is that part of INSTAR that is intentionally and strategically focused on fulfilling this task.

2020 Vision

The vision of the INSTAR project is to conduct trainings that begin initial leadership groups for Disciple Making Movements in every one of the 21 nations of Latin America, as well as among the Caribbean nations. In addition, INSTAR envisions the formation of a coalition of missional groups, churches, and agencies to work cooperatively in initiating Disciple Making Movement projects in greater Latin America.

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