SEASTAR (Instar Project in South East Asia)

“Respectfully Inviting Muslims To Follow Jesus.”

Due to the dangerous conditions of their mission field, we cannot release the missionaries’ names online. We will be referring to  them Mr. & Mrs. Troy Allen.

The Troy and his wife plan to launch on their journey to the unreached Muslim people of Indonesia in early 2013. They are currently working on raising the much needed funds and monthly pledges that will be their support while they are overseas. They will be joining a small group which is the only team of missionaries working with this unreached group of Muslims. They will settle there, learn more about the culture and language, and then begin work to minister to the needs and souls of the people.

Their goal is to begin a Church Planting Movement Project in Indonesia, similar to what W.M.E.’s team has started in Honduras. Keep this wonderful couple in your prayers as they sacrifice their own desires to bring the Gospel to others. They will be risking their lives for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

Mrs. Allen writes,

“We are looking for new financial partners to help us reach our cash budget needs and monthly pledges by our goal, January 2013. There is a new system now for online giving that allows for you to set up auto payments through the W.M.E. website for monthly, quarterly and annual giving. We still need to raise $3,000 in monthly pledges and about $6,000 for a cash budget that will cover our household setup in country and emergency evacuation funds as well. Thank you to all who partner with us, it means so much, and for those that are considering, every amount makes a difference for us.”


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