Honduras Ministries


We currently distribute food, hygiene products and medical supplies to more than 1200 individuals per month. We help support growing congregations of Christians. That support includes construction of new church buildings and homes. Our first church building was constructed in 2006 in Cero de Piedra. Next we constructed a church building in LaFortunita.  We have four worship services at present, one on Thursday in Choluteca, one on Friday evening in SanJose, one on Saturday in LaFortunita and one on Sunday in Cerco de Piedra.  We have training programs for Hondurans to learn trades in sewing and hammock-making. We are currently training eager Honduran men and women to plant additional evangelical Christian churches and duplicate this ministry in other Honduran villages. The need is great.







There are many mountain villages that still do not have electricity or running water, children without clothing or shoes, and families without food to feed their children. High percentages of young marriages and teen pregnancy are the norm and sadly this is all they seem to know to aim for. Homes are barely constructed of mud, sticks, cardboard and whatever material they can use to cover themselves. Many villages have no organized church, a pastor, or a church building in which to meet, which leaves their spiritual needs unfulfilled.


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