Honduras CPM

Founded in 1988 with only one partnering church and two missionaries.

Now impacting 20 nations…

In 2000, W.M.E. began to focus on church planting as its primary strategy:

Partnerships were developed and church planting training schools for indigenous leaders were launched.  

W.M.E. has supported 13 church-planting training centers.

From those 13 centers, 212 churches have been planted.

Additionally, 734 churches have been planted through the Honduras C.P.M. Project.

   Altogether, 946 churches have been birthed since 2000.


–Honduras, with over  8 million people, is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, with about 65% of the population living in poverty.

— The situation of the poor, who usually live off small-scale agriculture in rural areas, was aggravated by the disaster caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

–The severe floods of 2008 damaged or destroyed nearly half of the country’s roads.

–However, its central location provides opportunity for church planting efforts to readily spread across borders into neighboring countries (i.e., Belize, Guatemala, El    Salvador, Nicaragua).

–Also from its Central America location, there exists the potential to reach and impact additional countries both to the north (i.e., Mexico) and to the south (i.e., rest of Central America and on down into South America).



Our team in Honduras is headed up by a veteran missionary, Randy Travis, who himself grew up on the mission fields of Belize, Panama, and Mexico. Since 1982, he and his wife have served as missionaries in Mexico and Honduras. He is joined by his son and his wife, Keith & Juanita Travis, who also grew up in the mission fields of Mexico and Honduras. Together, they have helped to train, mentor, and oversee a group of Hondurans who have answered the call to go forth and make disciples.


Native field teams go out in groups of two to find homes/persons of peace in towns and villages, and conduct Discovery Bible Studies, make disciples, and train others who then facilitate new Discovery Bible Studies, which continue to multiply exponentially as well. Conduct Regional Training Conferences in church-planting for other mission groups and denominations who implement and also train others who continue the exponential multiplication.


In the first 4 years, since its launch in May 2008, God has birthed at least 734 churches, as well as another 510 active discovery bible studies. In addition, other
churches are using the studies. Many people are coming to the Lord and being baptized.

Teams have also gone into Guatemala and Mexico with outreach and training. And at least 17 denominations and organizations have received church-planting training and support from WME teams.

Already teams have touched at least 10 of the 18 departments (states) within Honduras. And momentum is now escalating.




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