Healing Projects

Five Arms…One Goal: HEALING

As Healing Projects, we will focus on 5 main arms that all come together to showcase projects and ministries dedicated to holistic healing for vulnerable women, children or orphans, and impoverished communities. Healing Hannah, Healing Orphans, Healing Hands, Healing Hearts, & Healing Homes will focus on different aspects of the same purpose, to bring the fullness of God’s healing to those who need it most.

Can One Person Really Make A Difference? 

Since 2005, we have been answering that question as we have pooled our resources as friends, family, and even strangers through social media. What was originally named healing hannah, then became healing orphans, reached out to provide multiple surgeries to children in orphanages (including cleft lip and heart surgeries), carry medical, school and daily supplies to orphanages and impoverished communities, match families with children who were orphaned, help build school and therapy rooms, and partner with non-profits and ministries around the world to support their work and build strong ministry relationships. Healing hannah as a ministry was also used to serve domestically during times of need and crisis, trucking loads of relief supplies to those in disaster areas.


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