Welcome to Church Planting Movements

My name is David Parish. Welcome to my blogspot about Church Planting Movements. In this blogspot, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences concerning CPM. Let me begin by telling you a little about who I am. I am a “40 something” pastor of a missions-minded church. I also work with a missions agency and the mission program of a fellowship of churches. When I was a bible college student, over 20 years ago, God called me to be in missions. Finally 13 years ago, I launched out on my first short-term mission trip. It was on that mission trip to the Central American country of Honduras that a vision to help the kingdom of God advance through church planting gripped me. From that day, I started a journey that I am still on. We have planted over 200 churches in the last 7 years and our goals for the next several years is to plant thousands of churches world-wide. I will be posting here weekly (or as much as possible) about Church Planting Movements and the work that I am doing.

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