El Salvador: Through The Open Door

I just returned from El Salvador where WME conducted its first Church Planting Movement training event.  This training is a direct result of the work in next door Honduras where Beto’s groups and churches have been multiplying so greatly.  The training was very near San Salvador and although it was one of our smaller trainings (about 15 people took the training) it represented leaders from 6 different denominations.  I must say that in terms of questions and discussions and a sense that these leaders were really grappling with the issues, it was one of the best trainings I have personally seen.

Keith Travis teaching in El Salvidor.

The first day of the training these leaders were hearing the beginning of the details of how CPM works and you could see that these were thinkers who were seriously analyzing what the team was saying.  On the second day in the first session we sensed that “something happened”!  There was a breakthrough as faces began to light up and the comments showed that there was understanding and receptivity.  The 3rd and 4th days of the training were great and at the end of the training there was an almost celebration atmosphere in the place.

Each leader and denomination were equipped with megavoices, the DBS study material, and all the conference notes and resources.

So, the first seeds for new cpms have been sown in El Salvador.  Pray that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God will find obedient soil in the hearts of those trained and that they will immediately begin to implement what they have learned.  Pray that there will be multiplication of disciples, groups and churches and then movements that will fill El Salvador with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the Open Doors!

“I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”  Revelation 3:8

We have declared this year, 2013, to be the year of “Simple Obedience, New Fields, and New Open Doors for World Missions and Evangelism.  When we look at the words of Jesus to the church of Philadelphia, in Revelation 3:8, we realize that it is God’s job to open the doors.  But if God opens the doors, then it is our job to go through the doors!  (The scripture does not contain a promise that God will drag us through!)   So God opens the door, and no one can shut it while He holds it open, but during that time…that window of opportunity, we must go through.

And that is what we are planning to do this year.  God has opened several doors and the WME team is moving quickly to go through into new harvest fields!

 Door Number 1:  Guatemala.
In February, part of our Honduran team is planning on crossing the border from Honduras into Guatemala where we have been invited to do our first Church Planting Movement training in that country.  Although some Discovery studies have already been started there, this is the first specific training and equipping event there.

 Door Number 2:  El Salvador 
In March, myself, Randy and Keith Travis,  possibly some other guests from the US and our Honduran training team, will be traveling into El Salvador to conduct our first CPM training event in this nation.

  Door Number 3:  Tegucigalpa and South Central Honduras 
In April, the Travises and I will be returning to the Tegus area to join the Honduran team in a major training event.  Richard and Pat Crowder will also be joining us, along with several others from the US.  A Children’s workers training will happen along with what we think will be our largest ever CPM training.  The goal is to not only impact the Tegus area, but also to equip potential church planters in south Central Honduras.

 Door Number 4:  Botswana 
WME missionaries Michael and Heather Walker have now received the megavoice equipment that WME has provided and are busy preparing DBS lessons for several unreached peoples in Botswana in Southern Africa.  This new move forward will be launched this year.

Door Number 5:  Indonesia region 
WME missionaries (Troy Allen and wife) will be deploying to this region in less than a month from this writing.  They will focus on Disciplemaking and CPM work with 8 or 9 unreached people groups there.  For security purposes we do not disclose their real names or exact location online.

We stand poised to move through these doors.  The Honduran team just finished training 50 new potential church planters in Palacios, Honduras.  This town is the gateway to the Gracias A Dios Department, also called La Mosquitia.  This is the first time that people have been trained and equipped by WME in this region, the most remote of the whole country.  6 different denominations/networks were represented in this training event. Now please join us in prayer that those who were trained will go through the new doors God is opening in that region.  Pray that they will find people of peace, begin Discovery Bible Studies, disciple people to conversion, and plant new multiplying churches!

And pray for the same result from all the new open doors!

2013: The Year of Simple Obedience, New Fields, and New Open Doors

From all of us at World Missions and Evangelism, Inc., we wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.  As I have thought about this new year, I realize that many people are filled with trepidation about what may be coming on the earth.  The economy has many people walking in fear.  But as I have considered the word of God, I am reminded of some great promises. 

Specifically I have been focused on Matthew 6: 33- “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I believe that as we continue to make our daily priority God’s Kingdom (His rule in our lives and our obedience to Him, as well as the expansion of His Kingdom) and God’s Righteousness (Our relationship to Him through faith in His blood, maintaining a clean walk through confessing our sins (1 John 1: 7,9)) He will meet all of our needs, in this economy or any economy!  This year I am standing on this verse and claiming its promise, as well as focusing on obedience to it!

To be even more specific, I am calling 2013 the Year of Simple Obedience, New Fields, and New Open Doors!  I do not know what this year holds for all of us, but I know that WME stands at the beginning of this year poised to move forward into new potential fields for the advance of the Gospel.  Here are some of the New Fields and New Potential Open Doors that we know of right now:

1.  The Continued multiplication of churches in Honduras!  In our primary project we will be continuing to train leaders and mentor the multiplication of churches.  A training event is planned for this month of January in Palacios which will take us into a new department of Honduras where the project has never been before.  Then there is planned the very large training event in Tegucigalpa in April.  Please help us cover these events in prayer.

2.  Linked to the Honduras Work, there are now current and potential open doors into Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Colombia.  Pray with us that these Open Doors come into fullness so that the Honduras project will be a fully Latin American Project. In relation to that, there are 2 training events on the drawing board to cross the borders into more of Central America.  We believe there will be an initial training in Guatemala in February, and a training event in El Salvador in March.

3.  Our Partnership in Southern Africa is opening doors to see ongoing Church Planting Movements be enhanced, and our Botswana Missionaries, Michael and Heather Walker are taking the strategy to new tribal groups.  Pray that a new CPM will result because of these efforts.

4.  Troy Allen and his wife are getting ready to deploy to Brunei in order to connect with the culture and focus on 8 or 9 Unreached People Groups using the CPM/Disciple making movement strategy.  Pray for them as they launch withing the next couple of months.

5.  Pray for the efforts of the City of Children project in Guatemala and the Healing Projects outreach.  These are helping orphans in Guatemala and China.  God is continuing to touch many people to become involved in reaching to the most impoverished and needy in the world:  Orphan Children in the Global South.

6. We are believing for open doors in the middle east for some facilitation work toward CPM.

7.  The full work of our more than 20 affiliated missionaries worldwide can multiply, influencing many thousands for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

The fact is that we look at these 7 areas as places of new open doors….and we look for new fields for Kingdom Advance this year.  And we are not limiting ourselves to these.  God Himself knows what lies ahead and the doors He plans to open. Our job is simply to move forward on the trajectory we are on, and then be sensitive to Him as the work goes forward.

That is why I am also calling this year the Year of Simple Obedience.  Recently a key leader who I respect very much was asked:  What are your Goals for 2013?
He gave a very unusual and unexpected answer….He said, “I don’t have any goals.”

What he meant was not that there was no planning or direction.  What he meant was that he got up each day, reading the Word of God and obeying, along the trajectory he is on, and with the open doors that are present.  Simple Obedience.

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”

How does God determine our steps?  Of course, through his sovereign control, but also in terms of practical guidance in our lives, through our daily obedience to His Word.  We can and should make plans, strategies, vision statements based on our understanding.  That points us in the right direction.  But the steps are daily, and they are determined by our daily, simple, literal obedience to the Word of God. 

So that is our theme for the year at WME:  The Year of Simple Obedience, New Fields, and New Open Doors.  Our theme scriptures are Matthew 6:33 and Proverbs 16:9.

Join us on the Journey!

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