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Dear readers of the WME blog:

I want to thank you for the time you take to read the articles that are posted here and for your prayers and support for the Honduran Church Planting Movement Project. In this post, I want to share with you several new features that we have on the blog.

In addition to the articles (This is the 141st post since we started in 2008), there are a number of new features.

A number of new videos are on the blog. If you will look to the immediate right of this post you will see a video called ” A Church Planting Movement is Beginning in Honduras”. This video is a brief summary of what is happening and that is probably where everyone should start.

Then if you scroll down and look at the right hand side of the blog, you will find 7 new videos that explain the CPM strategy in Honduras in depth, and give pictures and information about the project. By watching the initial video at the top of our page and then these 7 short videos (most of them are around 5 minutes or less) you will have experienced an indepth report, and a crash course on CPM strategy!

If you go a little bit further down you will find 2 short Youtube videos. These show what the project was like in the first year of launch, 2008. 1 shows several scenes from the training as well as some other early ministry in Honduras by WME missionaries. The other is a humorous look at how we trained our Honduran team to ride motorcycles….when we began not a single one had ever been on a motorcycle, but today they travel to many areas this way!

Finally, if you scroll down almost to the very bottom of the blog you will find 2 more videos. 1 is from veteran Asian missionary Jim Yost, who shares how the CPM strategy can affect the younger generation in the United States. The last video is David Watson, who is the pioneer of the CPM strategy and the mentor of WME’s work in this area. He is talking about how CPM can happen in the United States. For those who minister in North America, these 2 new features are very important.

Looking back at the top of our blog and to the right, just under the first video, you will find a Paypal button. You can use this to donate to the HCPM project. Please pray about being a financial supporter of this work. The need is great and the fruit is being produced for the harvest.

Third: Contact Number, Pictures, Website link, Prayer points, The Blog Archive of all 141 Articles!
As you scroll down the right side of the blog you will find all these things.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, just beneath the very bottom video of David Watson, you will find information about an unreached people group. This is a prayer focus and there is a new UPG posted each day. Visit our site daily to find the Unreached People Group that many Intercessors are focusing on that day and join in the chorus of prayer for them.

Well that’s it, all the new feature (and a few older ones). Please come by our blog and visit regularly!

Blessings to you.

God’s Kingdom Advances as a Process, not an Event

One of the hardest things for us to get used to is the fact that God’s work, God’s Kingdom, advances as a process and not an event. We are very “event” oriented. We want 1 big breakthrough, 1 big service, or 1 big revival that saves the whole nation. While God can do anything, He rarely works that way.

The Israelites crossed the Red Sea in a day, but there was still a 40 year process to get to Canaan (although it was only supposed to be a 2 year process!).

When Elijah confronted the prophets of baal on Mount Carmel, he had a miraculous event. Fire fell, the people shouted that Yahweh was God, and in a little while, the rain came! But in the next chapter (1 Kings 19) Elijah is depressed, running from Jezebel, and praying to die! Because he found out that 1 event, no matter how great, won’t get the job done! It took the rest of his own ministry, the ministry of his successor Elisha over a 40 year period, the kingship of Jehu, years later, and the judgement work of the king of Syria, Hazael.

Even with the full coming of God’s Kingdom there is process involved. Jesus will come back and establish His Kingdom. The 2nd coming is an event! But it is followed by a 1000 year process called the Millenium and that is followed by the final rebellion, the final judgement, the white throne judgement and only then the new heavens and new earth! Just think about it, even the 2nd coming initiates a more than thousand year process that finally and eternally establishes God’s Kingdom (1 Corinthians 15: 24-26). (I’m a pre-millenialist, but even if you are not, it is irrelevant to the main point!)

The failure to understand the Process aspect of God’s Kingdom advance leads to failed strategies in evangelism and mission, as well as a lot of disappointment. We need to think more like the farmer, who knows that there are times of preparing the ground, times of sowing, times of cultivating, and times of reaping. And also that none of us can do it alone. We must have partnering/catalytic strategies to accomplish anything. Paul planted, Apollos watered, and God gave the Harvest.

But didn’t Jesus say that the fields were already ripe for Harvest? Yes he did, in a Samaritan village, in John 4. He did not say that every field in the whole world was ripe. Some places were so unripe that He told His disciples to dust off their feet and keep moving! (Luke 10).

In different parts of the world, there are places that are already ripe (like the Samaritan village and parts of Israel in the ministry of Jesus). There are other places where there is the need for ground preparation (access ministry) and sowing, and cultivating before they are ready. If we have a single event kind of ministry (whether a crusade, a personal evangelism system, etc.) we will succeed in some places where others have prepared the ground, and fail miserably where there has never been the sowing of seed…..and when we do, we will rarely attribute the failure to the actual cause. (That evangelist did not have the anointing this time, they did not pray enough, the existing church in that nation has too much (fill in the blank) or too little (fill in the blank). It is like driving a giant reaping machine to a field where nothing has been planted and the field is full of boulders, and complaining that nothing was harvested because the manufacturer of the machine did not make it right!

That is why I believe that the most effective strategy that I have encountered is the Church Planting Movement strategy or as it is beginning to be called, Exponential Disciple Making strategy. It is all about process. The strategy recognizes that seeing the Gospel advance in a nation or people group is going to take time and that time is going to involve clearing the ground (access ministry), sowing the seed of the word (the discovery bible study process) and cultivation (mentoring and relationship building) and then, sometimes after several years of work, the harvest (disciples made and churches planted….and then sometimes Exponentially!). And it also recognizes that it is an Organic Process, not a Mechanical Process. A church planting movement is a living thing and life is only given by the Creator. CPM does not automatically happen anywhere just because certain principles are used. CPM only happens where God by His gracious Word and Spirit produce it!

How will understanding Process change the way we do ministry? How about here in the United States? I have heard the question many times, will CPM work in the U. S. ?
Here is another question to ask: Are our event oriented strategies actually working in the U. S. ?
They certainly can build big ministries, but in the last 40 years, has America been discipled? Is our culture more or less like Jesus?

The question then, is How would the Process approach to discipling a nation look in the U. S?

Some of my friends will be addressing this question in a special conference in January. I encourage you to follow this link and check it out: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e5catcrd43ab5a75&llr=fyaadobab

One thing is for certain: God is working in the world today, and His Kingdom is advancing. Many leaders are embracing a long term Process to see the nations discipled, and there is no doubt, it is going to happen.

Happy Thanksgiving From WME: We have much to be thankful for!


Psalm 126:2Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.”

This scripture seems appropriate today. God is truly doing amazing things in Honduras! Our hearts are filled with joy and thanksgiving to God for what He is doing.

A Church Planting Movement has begun. God birthed a vision for a church planting movement in Honduras in our hearts in 2006. After nearly 2 years of preparation, the Honduras Church Planting Movement Project was launched in mid-2008. The 3 and ½ years since then have been times of hard work, sacrifice and even persecution. There have been surges forward and setbacks!

But to summarize here, we are defining a Church Planting Movement as a rapidly reproducing movement of churches planting churches within a people or population. This is measured in different ways, but the definition that we are using is at least 100 churches, 3 generations deep (meaning planting a church planting that plants a church that plants a church), within 2 years or less.

That has now happened and continues to happen in Honduras. We have just received reports that the159th church has been planted there as a result of this project and that there are 3 generations of churches….and that the specific movement is less than 2 years old. Praise be to our God! In fact 98 of the churches have been planted in the last 6 months! God is moving and I believe that your prayers have been a great and important part of what God is doing.
AND IN OTHER NEWS! JUANITA TRAVIS RECEIVED HER VISA AND SHE AND KEITH ARE IN THE UNITED STATES RIGHT NOW! This is a battle that has been going on for multiple years and we are so thankful for this answer!

Definitions: The other day someone asked me what a DBS was, and how it related to the reports of churches. What is the difference between a DBS and a church. Here are some definitions.

DBS: A Discovery Bible Study made up of unbelievers, those who have not yet accepted Christ as Savior.

Church: A group of people who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and are meeting together around the word of God and following the commands of Christ.

A DBS is a “Pre-Church” group. Once people come to Christ in a DBS, a church is born. When a village or community is first entered, a Person of Peace is sought out. This is someone who has influence to allow the beginning of a DBS in his home or somewhere so that people in his circle of influence can study the word of God together. Check out the several videos at www.wmeinc.blogspot.com to find out all about how these things work. To date, 159 churches have been born. We think that around 5,500 people are involved in the churches and perhaps close to 1,000 more people are in DBS groups presently. (We were reporting a combined total of around 3,700 people just 6 months ago.)

1. This week we are asking for prayer for the Whole scope of the HCPM project. Please pray for the Key leaders in Honduras: Beto, Adiel, Jacobo, Daniel, Mario, Oscar, and Carlos. Pray for the strategy team: Randy and Linda Travis, Keith and Juanita Travis. Pray for the staff at the WME office in the US: Jenny Demumbree, Lindsay Harlan, David Parish, J. T. Parish. Pray for health and protection for all of these and their families. Pray for wisdom and anointing and special leadership from the Holy Spirit for all of these people as they work toward seeing the CPM in Honduras move forward.

2. Pray for all the people and leaders involved in all the churches and discovery Bible studies. Pray that all of the new believers will grow in knowledge and obedience to the Word of God and that those who have not become followers of Christ yet will do so very soon. Pray that the churches and DBS groups will multiply across the nation of Honduras.

3. Pray for the preparation of 2 important training events planned for February 2012 in 2 regions of Honduras. Pray that the seed will be sown and that many others will begin in the work of cpm because of it.

4. Pray that the workers in the field will find true people of peace who will open the doors of their hearts, families, and villages to the gospel.

5. Pray for a gracious outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the new churches, DBS groups, and villages and families where the gospel is about to go. Pray that God’s Spirit will birth true revival and an exponential disciple making and church planting movement across the whole nation.

6. Pray that at least 5000 new churches will be planted among the general population of Honduras and an additional 3000 churches among the whole Garifuna people group throughout Central America.

7. Pray for the finances and resources needed in order to continue to conduct the project. God is the provider and it is His work. Help us pray for key provision that is needed. There is a very real need here.

8. Pray for David Watson, the pioneer leader in church planting movements who has trained and mentored us in this strategy. He is battling health problems and is scheduled for 4 surgeries before the end of this year (depending on his recovery time from the first surgeries.) Please pray for his total healing and recovery.

9. Pray for all the new churches and especially for the pre-church Discovery bible studies. Especially in the DBS areas there is much religious persecution and pressure. Threats are made against the people in the studies, not necessarily physically, but much pressure to go back. Pray for all these people like the early church prayed in Acts 4:23-31. Pray for God to work in a mighty way so that even by signs and wonders His work will go forward and that people will be emboldened to continue with the DBS studies and become obedient followers of Jesus.

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