2012: A Year of God’s Blessings

We are coming to the end of 2012….the year some thought would bring the end of the world.  Instead it has been a year of God’s blessings for WME and the work of the Lord on the mission fields of the WME missionaries.  Here are some of the things that God has done through the missionaries and national partners of WME and through the faithful prayers of the 300 group and the faithful giving of all WME’s partners and supporters.

1.  3 powerful and important training events for church planters in Honduras!  Over 150 potential church planters trained.

2.  New partnership with a Bible School in Honduras, training pastors and leaders for many of the new churches planted.

3.  At least 58 new churches planted in Honduras this year, perhaps a few more!  There is clearly a church planting movement happening there at this time! Nearly 1,000 people have been baptized since mid year!  In all there are 184 churches, and 82 pre-church DBS groups functioning in Honduras!

4.  The Honduras Project is becoming the Latin American Project focusing on all of Latin America.  One of the partnerships is with a great Orphan Care Ministry in Guatemala.  The City of Children ministry is impacting hundreds of lives!

5.  Because of the Honduras CPM, several new doors for CPM training are opening in Latin America! Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala are now on the radar!

6.  New partnership formed in Southern Africa….nations of South Africa,  Malawi, Lesoto, Mozambique, and Madagascar.  These are ongoing CPMs  that WME is now introducing to our network.

7.  WME missionaries in Botswana now launching CPM effort.

8.  WME missionaries prepared to be sent to the Indonesia region to facilitate CPM work with Unreached People Groups.

9.  WME continues to facilitate the ministry of missionaries in about 20 nations of the world.  Bible Colleges, Student outreaches, Church planting, Children’s ministries, Educational ministries, and Orphan care are some of the ministries that are happening through the facilitation of WME.

We praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for all that is being done.  It is His work, and is the result of the sowing of the seed of the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit! 

And we thank you, the faithful prayer and giving partners of WME, for all you have done and continue to do.  May you be blessed in a special way in the year that is about to begin.

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  1. Impressive brain power at work! Great anwser!

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